Quality / Practice Approach

Quality Practice Approach - Rivera Plastic Surgery in Miami

Quality Practice Approach: Quality is a pillar in our practice approach. Perfection in plastic surgery is desired but often not
realistically possible to achieve despite having the best training, technology, artistic vision, and
craftsmanship. Nevertheless, we always strive for it. Similar to any goal in life, if you aim for the
middle, you will end up with suboptimal results quite frequently. Therefore, we always aim high
and let the results speak for themselves. Please look at the photo gallery! We have one of the
largest photo galleries in the US.
With his world-class training background, patients can expect to receive world-class care.
During an initial consultation, Dr. Rivera-Serrano always puts his patient’s welfare first before
proceeding with surgery. Safety is paramount. The approach is individualized and focused,
given each patient has a slightly different need. He talks about their expectations, along with
answering any questions they might have about the procedure. What brings him joy is helping
patients feel more confident about their self-image as they age.

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