"Full Tech" & AWAKE Lipo in Miami

Full Tech Lipo: The Apex of Advanced & Awake Body Contouring with Vaser, Renuvion Jplasma, and Retraction Smart Radiofrequency. Top Colombian Surgeon in Miami.

Dr Rivera-Serrano offers the only “Full Tech” liposuction service in Miami and South Florida. By “Full Tech”, we describe how our practice approach that offers all the State-of-the-Art technologies for liposuction and body contouring, including the ones used in Colombia, where he learned many of his techniques used in his practice in Miami

A “Full Tech” liposuction or body contouring case involves using most of the following technologies during the actual liposuction:
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Equipment used in our "Full Tech" Liposculpting Procedures:


Ultrasound, for fat separation


Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), for fat extraction


Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening

Renuvion® J Plasma®

Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening

Smart lipoLifting RadioFrequency System for Skin Tightening

(Leader Technology in South America & Colombia)

Full Tech & Awake Lipo

In addition, Dr, Rivera-Serrano is an expert in Awake liposuction, or liposuction done without general anesthesia, which may even involve skin removal (“tummy tuck alternative”).