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Dr. Rivera-Serrano Dr. Rivera-Serrano has deep connections with Colombia. He was born in Colombia and attended Medical School in Bogota. His pathway to training in plastic surgery in the United States and then the world started after finishing medical school among the top third of his class. He was awarded a sub-internship in plastic surgery at Harvard University, at the world- renowned Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was graded with Honors.

Dr. Victor Raul Rivera

Dr. Victor Raul Rivera


Dr. Rivera-Serrano’s father is also a Plastic Surgeon and an expert in aesthetic facial plastic surgery with over 30 years of experience. He was an inspiration to Dr. Rivera-Serrano to become an aesthetic plastic surgeon, who began attending to plastic surgery cases even before medical school.


Being Colombian and growing up in a Latin American environment shaped the plastic surgery aesthetic vision of Dr. Rivera-Serrano, especially in terms of body contouring surgery. He is one of a handful of plastic surgeons who have had formal hands-on plastic surgery training in South America, North America, Asia, and Europe, and therefore has a very cosmopolitan plastic surgery and aesthetic vision. He often tries to mix the south American perspective with a natural and cosmopolitan world-class approach. The practice has a branch in Colombia, in the beautiful city of Bucaramanga. Click here for more information.
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The practice has a branch in the beautiful city of Bucaramanga, Colombia, where Dr. Rivera works along his father, Dr Victor Raul Rivera, well known expert in facial rejuvenation, and member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgeons. In Colombia, the practices focuses on facelifting and facial rejuvenation, although all plastic surgery procedures are also performed. If Dr. Carlos Rivera-Serrano is involved in the operation and the patient lives in the United States, the post-surgery follows up can be done by the surgeon in the Miami office, which is the only practice in Miami (and likely the entire US) that offers this type of service.