Breast Augmentation With Lift Augmentation Mastopexy in Miami

Breast Augmentation With Lift Augmentation Mastopexy in Miami: Enhance your Breast Appearance with a Lift Augmentation Mastopexy Procedure.


This procedure is also known as augmentation mastopexy, and it combines a breast augmentation and a breast lift. It is more technically complex compared to each operation alone, and even some plastic surgeons do not offer it. Instead, the surgery is sometimes staged in two, the first one being the mastopexy and the second one the augmentation. Nevertheless, in our practice we offer a single operation for the vast majority of patients.

In general, a facelift removes excess skin, lifts and tightens underlying tissues, and redrapes the skin on both the face and neck, decreasing or eliminating signs of aging. These procedures can correct midface sagging, droopy or prominent nasolabial folds, deep nasolabial creases, “marionette” lines, and jowls. A facelift includes a neck lift most of the time unless a limited “short scar” or “mini facelift” is performed. Even a “short-scar” facelift can improve the neck by indirectly recruiting some of the skin of the neck into the face; nevertheless, the results on the neck can be limited. A neck lift is included when a full or traditional facelift is performed.  This will dramatically improve the results in the neck, eliminating creases, removing excess fat, and creating sharper neck angles.

Sometimes, the required degree of lift is too much, and in this situation, a staged approach is recommended. One of the reasons the operation is technically complex is because the breast envelope (skin) has to be reduced to create the lift (inward movement of the skin when the skin is removed and closed). In contrast, the insertion of the implant creates outward (radial) expansion (tension) and pressure at the level of the skin. Essentially, each procedure by itself creates opposing forces that add up to creating skin tension. Nevertheless, when only mild or moderate degrees of lift are needed, the operation can be carried out safely by Dr. Rivera-Serrano in a single operation.

The revision rate of a single operation is slightly larger The revision rate (need of touch ups) of a single-stage surgery is slightly higher than when done in two stages, but still reasonably low. The revision rate in plastic surgery literature is approximately 17-23% ( The revision rate ranges between 3-10% in Dr. Rivera-Serrano’s hands. Despite this, the convenience of a single operation and the decrease in risks versus undergoing additional surgery and anesthesia make the one-stage approach appropriate for most patients who are candidates for this operation. Some patients also prefer a single-stage approach because the chances of having only one surgery are very high, with a potential small chance of a second operation versus the guarantee of having two operations in a two-stage approach. A personal consultation will determine what is best for you.

Aging, gravity, pregnancy, nursing, weight gain or loss have dropped your breast, resulting in a low nipples/areolas, sagging, and excess skin. Your breasts look deflated with a loss of volume. Your areolas are wide. You are unhappy and self-conscious about the appearance of your breasts. Implants alone are unlikely to achieve the contour you desire, given your breasts/nipples are droopy.

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